Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Each project should be unique and inviting, encompassing a community of golfers not just a golf course.

The land’s natural quality gives the golf course an authentic identity. We strive to bring out and enhance this feature in our courses throughout the design process. The site’s beauty will be readily enjoyed by people as they discover it is a special place. Golfers should feel invigorated as they play golf, stimulated by natural beauty and thought-provoking strategy.

Golf brings people together to compete on a beautiful, ever-changing playing field unlike any other form of recreation. People visit golf courses for friendly competition, health, outdoor activity and most of all, fun. This was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when golf was deemed to be a safe outdoor activity. Golf courses were full and found great success, which has resulted in an influx of course renovation work.

Golfers’ primary interest lies in the aesthetics and challenge of the course. However, a key component is what largely goes unseen – the proper installation of underground infrastructure, i.e., grading, drainage, irrigation, feature construction, seedbed preparation and grassing. These important functions are established prior to any shot being struck and relatively in seclusion, determining the life and quality of the golf course.

When designed using the site’s natural elements and with intrigue and when built properly, golf courses will provide fun for a long time.

Design Principles:

    1. You’re spending someone else’s money. Do your job with integrity. Build it well.
    2. Build a course that is meant to last yet provide continual excitement.
    3. Don’t hide hazards. Make bunkers and water visible. Place greens right on the primary hazard. Arnold Palmer always said, “Put the green right on the water, Erik.”
    4. Make the course beautiful and friendly so that it’s suitable for everybody. That means PGA Tour players as well as the average player.


“The farther you hit the ball, the harder the course gets. However, if you get risky on your tee shot and take an aggressive angle, you will be rewarded on your next shot. … The trick to a good golf course is to challenge good players and make it fun for the average golfer. I like to hear the top players in the area walk off the 18th green and talk about how demanding the course is.” – Erik Larsen


“The quality of a project must meet today’s social standards – built for fun, family, recreation and social entertainment – as the bottom line. Golf courses aren’t necessarily king of the community anymore. The entire amenity package drives the success and focus on a golf course community.” – Erik Larsen

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